Nearly 30% of small businesses with an online presence generate more than 25% of their revenue online. In 2015, 64% of all in-store sales were influenced by the brand's online presence. 85% of new customers find local businesses by their online presence. Customers are 71% more likely to purchase from a business they follow online.

All stats sourced from Godaddy,Entrepreneur,MyLeadSystemPro and EHL
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In today's digital world, the importance of maintaining a strong online presence for your brand is well-established. Businesses are looking for innovative ways to shape customer perceptions about their products and services. As industry experts put it, managing the online presence of your business is more of an obligation than an opportunity.

If your brand lacks an enticing online presence, you risk losing business to competitors who have invested in a strong online presence. When trying to attract potential customers, it is important to create an active online presence and control the way your customers perceive your brand and products.


Regardless of the size of your business, ensuring an active online presence has many benefits. It establishes your brand as a reliable source and gives you a competitive edge over others in your industry. It can strengthen your online reputation and position your business as the best choice when customers are researching before making a buying decision.

Warren Buffett summarized it up nicely when he said, “We can afford to lose money, but we cannot afford to lose reputation.” The secret to a positive online reputation is an active online presence. It leads to positive brand awareness, and brand awareness is worth its weight in gold.

If you are not tracking what is being said about your brand online, you are at a risk of suffering the damaging effects of a negative online reputation. Take control of your online reputation and grow your business by managing your online presence, reach and customer reviews.

In order to maintain your brand’s online presence, you either need more time in the day or an efficient tool to do it for you.


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Your Assessment Includes:
Reputation Assessment | Website Assessment | SEO Assessment & Competitor Analysis

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