Online Reviews have become a major concern for many businesses across the nation. Customers are writing reviews about businesses and their staff more than ever. And the number of platforms to facilitate these reviews is growing rapidly. Review websites such as Yelp, Google+ and Facebook are among the ones with the highest visits and traffic. Whether these reviews are positive, negative, true or false you need to take action. To protect your business you need to be proactive in monitoring and managing your reviews. You have to capture and publish more positive reviews to beat your competition. In order to do all this, you either need more time in the day (which you probably don’t have) or a simple tool to do it for you.

myOnlineReputationManager manages your online reputation in 3 simple steps

Monitor Online Reviews Step 1

Monitor Your Online Reviews

Monitor Website Online Reviews

myORM monitors and notifies you of any new reviews published of your business on major review websites

Monitor Online Reviews Step 2

Capture Customer Feedback

Request customer feedback through one or all of the various
methods myORM provides

iPad or Computer

Capture Customer Feedback iPad

Text Message

Capture Customer Feedback Text Message


Capture Customer Feedback Email
Monitor Online Reviews Step 3

Publish more positive reviews

and filter out the negative ones

Local Listing Websites
Publish Positive Reviews

Get Your Business Website Made in 3 Easy Steps